Chisago County is home to many senior citizens that want to downsize. Many of which, have not bought or sold a home for decades. Most real estate agents like to communicate via text and email, and use electronic signatures, and I have found there are many seniors that don’t text or email, and find electronic signatures difficult. They prefer to work face to face.

  I recently met a seller that worked with an agent that cancelled the listing because the seller had too many questions, and took too much of the agent’s time. The seller then hired an agent that was referred to her, but the agent worked and lived 30 minutes away, which was too far to for the agent to stop by to deliver documents and get signatures. This frustrated the seller who didn’t understand the documents or couldn’t open attachments, or sign electronically. Ultimately the listing agent was fired.

  Many seniors don’t interview multiple agents and are very trusting. They assume that all real estate agents are the same and they sign the contracts as directed.  A lake home owner hired an agent, that had never sold a lake home before, and when the buyer’s lender required flood insurance the agent accused the seller of not disclosing the home was in a flood plain. The seller had no idea it was in a flood plain, as the property was acquired through inheritance. 

  My advice to seniors is to interview more than one agent, work with a local neighborhood expert that has expertise in your type of property, discuss your communication requirements, and ask how to cancel the listing agreement if you are not happy.

  I have worked with many seniors that need help finding a new place to live, help with cleaning, packing or maintenance items. A neighborhood real estate expert can help you all of your moving needs through closing.



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