Chisago County is home to many homeowners that don’t use a computer or email. Most, but not all, are senior citizens that want to downsize, many of which, have not bought or sold a home for decades. Most real estate agents, lenders, inspectors, & title companies like to communicate via text and email and use electronic signatures; but for many clients we still work face to face and sign paperwork in person. 

  Buyers and sellers that don’t use email should be more cautious when interviewing a real estate agent to sell their home. There are some agents that work with younger clientele or work closer to the twin cities that have never done a complete transaction in person. To be efficient and timely it is important to work with a local agent that can be responsive in getting signatures quickly.

  Our contracts can be completed online and emailed to our clients for electronic signatures, but we can also complete them by hand and have them signed in person. Over the past couple of weeks, I have worked with six local clients that didn’t use email. 

  At the initial meeting we reviewed the market analysis and the listing agreement. Then the 2nd meeting involved signing contracts and disclosures and reviewing the septic inspection application and the water test instructions. The signed documents get scanned and emailed to the Broker and the listing is input onto the MLS.

    The 3rd meeting was presenting an offer, estimate of proceeds and preparing a counter-offer addendum if needed. The sellers signed the documents and then they were scanned and emailed to the buyer’s agent. There can be multiple counter offers that go back and forth.

  Once we had a fully executed purchase agreement, there was a buyer’s inspection which involved negotiating repairs. An amendment to the purchase agreement needed to be signed with the repair agreement and again there can be counter-offer addendums that go back and forth.

  The signed documents have to be delivered to all parties, so there can be a meeting for signing and another for delivery.

  We also work with lenders and closers that accommodate sellers with mailing documents or meeting them at their homes or even nursing homes. 

  If you don’t text or email, it’s important to work with an agent that will be responsive by phone. It is wise to interview more than one agent, work with a local neighborhood expert that has expertise in your type of property and discuss your communication requirements.

  Ask the Real Estate Agent is a weekly column by Cheryl Kempenich of Coldwell Banker Burnet, who lives and offices in the Chisago Lakes Area. Submit your questions to All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. For legal assistance consult an attorney.